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The Power of the Fried Seafood Platter

Ah, the power of the platter. You’re sitting there in your chair, enjoying the fun Acme Oyster House atmosphere, patiently waiting for your food. And then you spot it. Your platter, coming towards you on a tray surrounded by its closest Acme Oyster House friends. Your heart begins to race, you adjust your seat and your mouth cracks into a smile. You just can’t help it, you start to do a little happy dance right there at the table, because you can’t resist the Power of the Platter.

Which one did you order? Half and half? Or did you choose just fried shrimp or just fried oysters? What about the Soft Shell Crab? Because when that bad boy is in season, there’s nothing better! Or maybe you went crazy and wanted “ALL the seafood,” so you ordered the Fried Seafood Platter. It’s the Mother of all fried platters! And don’t forget, you get a side! Not JUST French fries, but also your choice of coleslaw, if you’re feeling fresh, or hush puppies because they’re amazing, or maybe you went with the potato salad to really round out your meal!

We know you’re sitting there at your desk right now just thinking about the Power of the Platter, and practicing your happy dance, so why not come eat at our house tonight? Because Life’s More Fun with Seafood!

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