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It’s Peak Oyster Season at Acme Oyster House

Y’all know you can get great oysters all year round at Acme Oyster House, but the simple fact is that oysters are better coming out of the coldest water during late winter and early spring for all of us folks in the South. During these colder months, we’re fortunate to have the most flavorful, juicy and delicious oysters that make you truly look forward to winter!

Celebrate this peak season with a dozen raw oysters, accompanied by an ice cold beer, to start your meal. Maybe add in a dozen of our Chargrilled, too, just because. Then enjoy a bowl of our creamy and classic Oyster Rockefeller Soup. Next it’s time to move on to our Fried Oyster Platter, piled high with golden friend bivalves! End on a sweet note with one of our classic desserts, like Max’s Bananas Foster Cheesecake. Or if you’re really feeling it, end your meal by knocking back an Oyster Shooter!

So we invite you to come eat at our house during peak season, and enjoy oysters while they’re full-bodied, plump, ice cold, salty and just plain #rawsome!

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