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Great oysters, try the Boom Boom Shrimp

We just love hearing our customers’ reactions to our food, and one dish that always seems to please is our delicious Boom Boom Shrimp appetizer! We say it’s a “generous portion of fried shrimp coated in our homemade sweet and spicy sauce,” but they say it’s “absolutely AMAZING. Definitely order it.”

Why is it so amazing? Just look at it! Beautiful, plump Gulf shrimp that have been perfectly seasoned, delicately battered and lovingly coated with a sweet and spicy secret sauce, and then piled high, maybe even drizzled with a little fresh lemon. Does it get any better? And that’s just the BEGINNING of your meal! This is an appetizer, for cryin’ out loud, we haven’t even gotten to the main event! There’s still oysters – raw AND chargrilled – or a poboy, or a seafood platter, or even a hamburger! So. Much. Potential! So. Much. Deliciousness! So…what are you waiting for?

Do yourself a favor and do what one recent fan did, go with the Boom Boom Shrimp! She did, and she said, “The taste was amazing.  Spicy, but not overwhelming. Great flavors, great portions.”

Boom! Enough said.

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