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Acme supports the Alabama Oyster Shell Recycling Program

Acme Oyster House Gulf Shores is pleased to participate in the Alabama Coastal Foundation’s Oyster Shell Recycling Program. Oyster shells that are collected through this program go back into coastal waters to help more oysters grow and provide habitat, limit erosion and improve water quality. Learn more about the program below, or visit their website.

What is this program?
Simply put, the Alabama Oyster Shell Recycling Program collects oyster shells from restaurants like Acme Oyster House and put this important resource back into the water to help new oysters grow.

How does the program work?
Once the shells are collected, they will be stored outside for about 6 months. The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources then loads them on to barges and puts the shell back into restoration areas. Oyster shell is the preferred habitat of oyster babies (larvae) to settle on as juveniles (spat)
to form new reefs.

What benefits do oysters have?
Oyster shells that are collected through this program will go back into Alabama waters to help additional oysters grow. In addition to food value, oysters provide many other ecosystem services, including: 

Improving water quality: An adult oyster can filter 15 gallons of water per day.

Providing habitat: Oyster reefs provide habitat for fish, shrimp, crabs, birds and other animals.

Limiting erosion: Oyster reefs are natural breakwaters that protect shorelines.

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